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Corporate History:

Surgical Instrument Group Holdings Ltd (SIGH) is a full service Surgical Instrument Company. Founded in 1995 to consolidate some of the many small companies in the Instrument and Instrument repair business. SIGH made their first acquisitions in 1997 by purchasing Baker & Thomson and Caterham Surgical Supplies Ltd. This provided the basis for manufacture and repair whilst SIGH was already the UK distributor for MICRO FRANCE Laparoscopic instruments.

In March 1999 SIGH acquired the distribution business of VALEPLAN (formerly FROUD) and moved it from Colchester to Croydon.

In March 2001 SIGH acquired the business of MEDICAL INNOVATIONS (SERVICE CENTRE) LTD and moved their repair business from Mitcham to Croydon.

In June 2006 ,SIGH acquired the business assets of Osborn & Simmons, a well known and highly respected British manufacturer of Ophthalmic Instruments.

In April 2010 we added Endoscopic Manufacturing & Service Ltd to bring surgical telescope manufacturing & repair in house: In July 2010 we acquired some of the business assets of Decon Science Repair Services. These were probably better known before as Abbey Surgical (Surrey) and Yorkshire Medical Supplies. This last acquisition gave us an even larger presence in Surgical Instrument repairs in the South and established us as a substantial repairer north of the M62 corridor.

In July 2013 SIGH acquired the business of South Western Surgical ltd which is now known as South West Surgical ltd.

We continue to search for acquisition opportunities

About Us:

The Company has grown in the last ten years by organic growth as well as acquisition and is now approximately 8-10 times larger than the original acquisitions. SIGH employs 14 Full time staff including Jane Bentley in the North of England; Ian Gowen in the South West & Wales. We have two Agents covering the Midlands and Scotland.

SIGH repair all types of Surgical and Medical equipment which includes sharpening, realigning, new T.C inserts, recalibration of Sphygs. and the repair of Flowmeters. We manufacture & repair all kinds of Surgical Telescope: laparoscopes, Hysteroscopes, Cystoscopes, Arthroscopes and telescopes for Neuro & Spinal Endoscopy

SIGH represents a number of major instrument suppliers including MICRO FRANCE Laparoscopic instruments; RFQ Light leads; SHARN cleaning brushes and through our sister company CATERHAM SURGICAL SUPPLIES LTD we also represent LAWTON, BOWA & LANDANGER.

We have enjoyed great success with MICRO FRANCE, LAWTON, BOWA & LANDANGER instruments in the UK.

We are the U.K distributor of Asico Ophthalmic instruments, including the popular Akashoki 2mm cataract surgery instruments.

We are actively seeking overseas distributors to represent our Ophthalmic ranges.

We would be pleased to hear from principals who are dissatisfied with their present UK distributor, or who have an established business they wish to develop further. Please contact us in the first instance.

> STAMEY Needles
> MicroFrance
> Endoscopic
> Osborn & Simmons
> Bowa Electronic
> Laparoscopic Diathermy
    Wand and Tips
> Zeppelin Gynae & Vascular
> Asico
> Deep Pelvic Retractor
> Long Life, Durable Mallets
> Frenchay Malleable Brain
> Caterham Surgical Supplies
> Lawton
> Riley Medical
> Valeplan
> RFQ Fibreoptics
> Repair Services
> Sharn Anesthesia

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